Residential Assisted Living refers to a long term care option frequently called a residential care home, personal care home, or group home. Assisted living care is offered within an actual home. The residents typically have private rooms where they can have the comforts of their own furniture and pictures surrounding them. Residential Assisted Living usually has a limited number of residents so the staff to resident ratio is much higher and the care is more personal. Most often there is one caregiver for every three or four residents. They offer a home-like environment for people who need assisted living care but might be intimidated by larger communities. Tucked into regular neighborhoods, they are typically in a single family residence and usually serve two to ten residents, depending on state laws.

For those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other kinds of dementia the small residential care home environment can be ideal. There are few people for the resident to have to deal with, the number of staff is small and more consistent, and there is a lot of close supervision and support for the Alzheimer’s resident which can lower anxiety and stress.